Monday, August 15, 2005

Gone to the dogs

Here in Yarmouth area its a gray and rainy day.
A good time to Start Painting my office or dungeon as I refer to because its in the basement of our church.
Why ? I can't figure it out but maybe a new color on the walls will give it a face lift.
Its also a good today to review last week.
Friday I was treated to a humors sight of watching two dogs play on a roof while I ate out. They jumped out a window and chased each other around it was real funny.
Saturday we had church picnic which was a great time of fun and food.
Sunday we were doing a live broadcast on the radio which can be a bit stressfull. It was aired that night but I didn't listen to it, there is something about hearing yourself that is scarey.
Sunday Night So I would not get in trouble alone I took a board member with me and went FISHING.
It seemed so much more religious doing this on Sunday .( lol )
There is a perfect time to go and that is before a rain storm and my theory proved right we had a blast. But to keep the appearance of Sunday we tried not to smile and spoke in Kjv language.
Why I point this out with humor is that in rural church's there are legalistic ideas still running around from some to others just waiting to pronounce judgment.
I think the devil likes being busy no matter the activity even presenting legalizing ideas if he can pull it off.

Later ( I must paint more )

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