Monday, July 11, 2005

Beulah is here and gone

Being a Wesleyan in Atlantic Canada , now the next biggest event on my calendar will be Christmas. Why ? Because now Beulah is over our annual church camp that we attend yearly.

It was a great camp except for my son who was introduced to playboy. Which has lead to me to coin this phrase for any who listen " when sin isn't preached in the pulpit it will be lived out in the camp."

I don't want to liver under finger pointing again , but are we not to be separate from the world .

The preaching was great during the camp, I got plenty of outlines for future use, I have learned I can never have enough outlines.

But the preaching I heard ( my opinion) never really came out and said Playboy is sinful. Though challenging and I like 6 point sermons.

It was camp and maybe there areas one does not want to tread on and rather assume people know. But do people know what sin is ?

I can't buy a thing without well explained directions on it from light bulbs to cereal and everything in between . Marketing makes sure that no assumptions are made when you buy something so there are directions to be read so you can do it right.

And here is the key... How many are reading the directions so they can know how to live for Jesus ?


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