Thursday, July 14, 2005

Vacation time

I am now on Day three of my vacation in Hamilton Ontario a way from home and its extremely HOT Here....

But My mind is still back on the past week of Beulah camp. Where in a business meeting the question was asked and batted around if we as ministers should hand back to the gov't our lic's that allow us to do wedding since the Gov't has passed the bill that allows for same sex marriages.

Some say we need to do something in protest to this move by the gov't.

I can remember a day when we protested against Hollywood and didn't attend movies in theaters and now if some church's didn't have power point movie clips for sermons they would be lost or show `g' rated movies following a service for the kids.
Time won that battle and now find a pastor who hasn't been to a theater in six months and I can take you to see a live dinosaur.

I can remember a time when dancing was a No-No ! And now Christians offer dance lessons Again time won out.

Social drinking is in Atlantic Canada still a No-No ! But rumors have it that time is changing that.
I remember once we would never eat in a restaurant that served the stuff but now we have Christmas dinners in the very places we once forbid.

I don't want to go on but to me our Time to do something has long since gone by - we were to silent on the abortion issues , and the evolution educational issue.

So I think that those who matter in politics know the church usually caves , and remains silent . But we have to do something.

How about if Christians started joing political parties and working from within the party where a difference can be made. Or even vote.

How about if we remember that glunty, lying , stealing, corse joking are as much sins as .....

How about Christians start living honestly and pay their taxes honestly!

How about we love people and know that God can change them as us.

Yes we need to do something and be prepared for the skeletons to be uncovered.

What will I do ? For now I will keep my Gov't lic. That lets me marry.

Reason 1. In the rural church we don't get many weddings any ways.
( right now I have zero booked )

Reason 2. I can either say yes or no to any one who calls.

Reason 3. Honestly I enjoy the little bit of $$ that comes from doing a wedding.

Reason 4. I really don't like doing the pre marriage counseling.

Reason 5. It takes time away from fishing !

But I would hand in my licesences if and here is my reason.

If I could no longer preach that Jesus is the only way to the Father.

Here are my thoughts


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