Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Still Vacationing

Yesterday two dreams came true for our family. First the my kids went to Canada's wonderland which they really enjoyed. And I went to Canada's Bass Pro Shop. For most of the day while they were in the park.

I think now that I have been there to the Bass pro shop my local tackle shops do fine for me, at least there we chat and while they may not have all that I want but most importantly they do have what I need to catch fish in my area.

This is in my mind likened to mega church's compared to smaller ones ... Which can offer more for needs than wants. But since we are consumer driven there will be people for both places.

Not only did I spend time in Bass Pro I walked the huge mall connected to it. Which is not my favorite thing to do.

But I was killing time so I went into every store that looked interesting and one of them was a high end furniture place which sold statutes of Buddha for over $ 500.00 and as I looked them over I noticed that they were cracked .... And in the middle of the Mall in the middle of this big city of TO I was remained that we do Do serve they only Living God who Is the I Am.


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