Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Still no furnace !!!

It's Wednesday Night and bible study is over.
We had a great time of study on the or gin of Satan.
Someone had requested a bible study series on the devil so were-a-doin it!
An in our discussion it was said that it use to be preached (reformed baptist days) that when a person was sanctified they no longer could sin. How could you if the old nature is removed !
So I in my wisdom noted that I was not sure on this position based on past experiences concluding I have only meet a few totally sanctified people. To which I admitted that this can be a very con fussing topic.
I assured them all that I am Ordained by the Wesleyan church and have passed the test on Doctrine.
In trying to get a balanced view on this topic and a biblical one I am currently reading a sermon by J.C. Ryle titled " Holiness"
Now I'll read others from our side as well as theirs :)
But to me we have to have something that is livable,
and conforms us to the image of Christ in our preaching and in our lives.
Besides a broken furnace is a great test on ones faculties.
And so I wonder except for the few who major on 'magnified' minors how many faithful church people are sitting back contemplating doctrinal issues, or are they just making it through the day with no thought of God and no prayer.
What are you thinking about ?


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