Thursday, April 05, 2007

Furnace Head aches Now into day 4

Since my last post I have waited two more days for quotes , and the company I want to hear from hasn't called back yet even though I have called for the price they have yet to get me a number and they came Tuesday.

So my next step is to present what I have collected for pricing briefly to the church members Sunday and let them decide on how they will finance it .

This may stall the process further...

Here are some more lessons I have learned....

The really experienced furnace person wants to offer me a better furnace

because its one they've had no problems with and will cut down on $.

The others are just saying nothing but giving a price on a machine they know little about.

The really experienced guy is confident in his product and company and says we will be happy with the furnace.

The other guys say nothing that shows any confidence in what they are selling.

So it is another day with a long weekend here with no sign of a new furnace and knowing that in a matter of time the whole thing will stop.


pictures of the sick furnace

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