Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Furnace Migraine

Well now its up to day 10 and finally I ordered the furnace and the man said it won't be till next week that I can do it!!!!!!

Oh well more time to work on my patience I guess..

Its interesting in how the furnace is gradually dieing on Monday it just kept getting hotter and hotter til we were just about at 90 it was a Sonia in the parsonage and once again we were rescued by a church man who by now I am sure will be glad to see anew furnace as well.

Easter Sunday is over, but I am not sure if I had time to really rejoice over in the significanceof the day.

It started with a 7:00 am service with the local Baptist Church and breakfast which I preached at , to going home to shovel snow of the wheel chair ramp, sadly informing a child who came to Sunday school there was none, to answering a phone call to what time church started, handing out bulletins because the usual people were not there, to leading the whole service plus communion, plus lead a members meeting on deciding a new furnace to having 12 people for dinner to going out for supper to watching the islander win a play of spot in the race for the Stanley cup to keeping an eye on the furnace.
And some where in all that I think I missed Easter.
We celebrate the resurrection every day but on that day - it got missed and my kids might have missed it as well , finding eggs and eating chocolate is fun but do they know what the day means, yes its up to me to teach them , but as a church community we should model it and here is where I get scarred , because are we (church) modeling a life that is changed because of the resurrection or do we play it for a couple of hours and the go on our way.

Things I am thinking about

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