Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Furnace shopping day two

Today has been spent waiting for return calls and peope to come and give the church a estimated price.

There are some things I have noticed so far...

i) The people who really want your $$$ return your calls promptly.

ii) Most people do not return calls left on a message machine.

iii) Local business people have a totally different approach than the big companies. The big company rep had a laptop and printer, the local guy had a note book.

The big company guy left me with the information I needed to present to my board.

while I am left to wait again (more days) for a estimate so I can bring it to the board.

iv) Needing a new furnace before a a long weekend is the worst time to have furnace troubles because it will take more days to have it delieverd plus put the paper work through.

v) Some estimaters take pictures,others measure, some just give it a quick over and some take the time to explain it all out.

Well tomorrow will make another day of waiting and will take me one day closer to a week of furnace troubles.


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