Monday, April 02, 2007

new adventures...

On this monday I am doing something never personally done before. Shopping for a new furncae for the Parsonage.

Because Ours went on friday and so today I am phoning and making potential contacts if the price is right.

If you are wondering we have heat but no hot water unless I turn a bunch of velves on and drain an expansion tank and empty a run off velve that empties into a 5 gal bucket by the hour.

But This is not the only adventure of the week , it got started the previous sunday night service when I mixed two words together and said Sh*T while preaching , people (almost all) laughed, and I kept on till again when quoting from the message bible instead of saying what was there I said God pickles us... well by that time it was time to conclude and exit out the back door and hide....

But the greates adventure of the week was my comeback to ice hockey after a 24 year absence.

My sons team had a game us the parents.

I got a hold of equipment and got dressed with the otehr fathers and off I went to the ice with someones maple leaf jersey on :( and everything on the small side to show my son that I could play hockey, well after falling first thing on the ice the embarsement began. Why I thought I coukld keep up with him I don't know but my body sure let me know quick I could not!

I didn't know if I would make it off the bench for my shifts, it was the longest hour I have spent in a long time. and by the end of it I was glad I had phoned early and said goodbye to my parents. Death was close at hand.

But I did score !!!!

And 100% loved it!!!!!

Under bass fishing has to be hockey.

My son is now convinced I need to join up next year.

If there is a league for the out of shape 40+ crowd I am in!!!!


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Blest Brenda said...

Proud of you my dear and only brother in law. Your brother was also sore from a volleyball tournament. Would have loved to have been in service last Sunday night, but afraid it would have been more than I could take. Have a great week furnace hunting. Oh yes Happy Belated Anv.