Saturday, September 01, 2007

8:30 the phone rang

One of the greatest inventions of late years is the caller display on my phone , for those without they never get how you know them , so when my phone rang I knew the caller and by the voice I knew the person. I've had a lot of request but this one stands out as the young girl wanted to borrow a projector from our church ( which we have but for slides) but she had a disc and the church they were using for their wedding had 'a projector' on the ceiling but it was to hard to get down she said. Well I said that what they had was a power point projector and what she wanted to do was almost impossible .
Why does this make my blog today. Well this girl has been brought up in a home where t.v.'s, radio's, AND computers, are EVIL SO SHE HAD NO TECH. IDEA of what she wanted to do.
Recently I saw here with a expensive digital camera so I said do you have a computer for it to upload the pic's and of course she doesn't because there Evil .

While they don't allow such things in their own home , they have no problem in visiting someone else to watch a bill gaither video ( puke me out) or the news.

Is this 'holiness' or legalism you decide and tell me how to convince them that t.v.'s ,radio's ,computers are not evil.
While they don't have this stuff I guess I'll enjoy mine all the more.
But its a matter of do you have the stuff or does it have you ?


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