Sunday, September 16, 2007

life beyond church

Today has been a special day for my son. He had some his friends, 2 Jr. A hockey players(their team site is on my links) and his dear old Dad over to play street hockey. What great fun street hockey is.

He had spent most of his summer home alone (bored), so he was excited to have some friends over to play the greatest sport man can play... HOCKEY.

But after his friends left his day wasn't over... as I went to pay for my gas the girl at the counter asked me to guess her age , so I guessed 22 ! My son is thinking she is trying to pick up his dad LOL ! So when I guessed she told me she was only 19 BECAUSE the guy before us had asked her on a date and he was 50 something, she was in shock. It was funny to hear my son say how he thought she was flirting with me.

From that experience we went home to watch a deer graze in our back field and while I was watching them, one deer and charged another deer, I had seen this on hunting shows but not in real life.

I love days like this because they remind me that life does exist outside the church. As a pastor I can get so fixed on everything going on in the church, that I stop enjoying life. I don't know about you but I need the enjoyment of life to keep me normal.

And now its time to plan for the week !


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