Tuesday, September 11, 2007

a Rainy Tuesday Night.

Its been a few days since my last post, and I 've been busy.
Not long ago I agreed to do a wedding for a couple in my church back in their home town which is an hour and half away.
No problem they put us up for the night in motel, but she didn't tell me till I was committed that it was at 5:00 pm. ( Note to all: check out times before saying yes) so along with my wife and another church couple were in Liverpool for 24 hrs. So to avoid becoming go-fur's all day Saturday , Tim ( the guy from my church) and I took off to explore the cost of n.s. and it was cool, kinda like a wild hogs movie. He didn't go with the Tat's idea. This was a day of investing in him and seeing places I've never seen! (pictures to come) so with the wedding over and the reception over my wife and I decided to take off and catch a third period of Hockey.

So with a late night Saturday and last minute things done for Sunday, it was Sunday and my topic was grace. It was one of those mornings I wish the rapture had come for me, because the people looked so blank, they all must off had late nights as well.

With Sunday there was a potluck Sunday school meeting and I learned Sunday school will be delayed a few weeks. Due to the chaos of removing carpets and painting rooms in the church basement. Here is one delay I wish could be avoided oh well. Then off to Sanford Wesleyan church to hear a missionary promote his next trip. This was a joint church event sadly, I was the only one from my church to go, gotta work on having a bigger heart for missions in church.
the day was concluded with a lady cancelling taking over night special singers our church was having Monday. So their sleeping arrangements became the responsibility of the parsonage.
The singers came all the way from Newfoundland and sang to a big crowd of 21 for a couple of hours, then it was home feed them and see them out the door sometime in the morning.
And they were great to have around, my dog even liked them.
So they left and I went fishing with a south easterly wind and I had a great day.
The fish were biting. And I was in my zone.

And my son tonight took another step towards his dream of playing in the Nhl some day with Rep try outs.

As I think of these last few days, one thing makes me Laugh in doing a follow up on another wedding I called the "bride to be" to set up an appointment, but some man answered the phone to which I describe who I was and reason for my call and asked if _____________ was in.
To which He paused and said she was in " in the bathtub" to much info for me.
anyways she must be clean by now because she has yet to call.


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