Tuesday, September 04, 2007

re-difining the word rural.

Yesterday while on the way to our church campfire, we stopped for a coffee , usually no problem ! But I was in the back country really way back , so when we went into the store I asked the clerk if their coffee was fresh and the lady said she could either nuke me some or make instant coffee for me, That was their fresh coffee.
I had no choice but to decline on her offer of fresh coffee.
I looked to make sure there were no Wesleyan church's around so I wouldn't get a call there.
After a week of being spoiled on star_ ucks coffee made by my brother I just couldn't go for it.
Oh well this is life.

At least in my rural church we have only one store that serves brewed coffee , Fresh. And TIM'S is 15 mins away.

This reminded me again that today our vocabularies can vary so much and yet sound so identical that I need to ever more as pastor be sure to get across the message of Christ in a way that all hear it with the same understanding.


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