Friday, August 31, 2007

Back from Cape Breton

My 6 days of vacation are now History.
And what a great time it was ( Soon I'll Post Pic's )
It was a heritage tour guided by both of my parents to their former homes, schools , work areas ( Coal Mining pit ) and grave yards to see the many names of the most important people of our lives in the past.
My brother and I noted in the grave yards some really cool tomb stone sayings for future uses.
If you can go to cape Breton Canada go.

But now were home and welcomed with the sad news my wife's job which she was to create had been cancelled , so she's now jobless.
And in the days ahead she has to see if there is any hope in here starting a school for handicapped adults, or look else where.
For the past 3 years she has taught and managed a school for handicapped adults only to have it cancelled this summer. and with her big heart she still cares enough for her students that now she is willing to see something happen for them so they don't fall any further through the cracks of society and become forgotten.
I am blessed to have for a partner in life. And the kids to have her for a mom.


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Sherry said...

Wow honey yours words are very sweet.

Luv U