Friday, August 03, 2007

A NIght Out with my daughter

It's Friday Night and the boredom bugs have bitten my kids, and for my son he was invited to go to the Yarmouth County Ex. so my wife thought it would be good for me to take my daughter, it just wouldn't be right for her big brother to be there and he at home. S o the options were given go shopping , Go Fishing !!!!! or the Ex. and much to my horror she picked the Ex !
  1. I don't like going to these things because I don't do rides,
  2. I think its a rip off,
  3. I would rather spend the money on a book
  4. or spend money on new tackle
So with $8.00 bucks to get in and a all you can ride ticket for $ 24.00 we were in and she was off for all the rides. As I watched , Her ride I took in the crowd and realized that although there is nothing wrong with the rides the atmosphere wasn' t much to my liking, And as I watched all sorts of people from the guy who looked scary in his goth, to the country couple, the grand parents, young teens, the guy with rubber boots on, and all the tattoos , the bingo people, the Carny's, the drunks , the country singers, the ox haul people, and on and on. I woundered where Jesus would Fit into this place. Would he be noticed , or would they just keep on living for themselves, If Jesus took to the platform and started preaching would people stop and listen.
By my being there was I any kind of witness, For my daughter It meant the world, for my son he was glad I had money to give him.

After so many rides My daughter had to throw up :( so I took her to a grassy area , and while she did her thing I watched as Two R.C.M.P. cars and officers arrested a young man and took something from him they bagged ?????

Always the preacher I pointed out to my daughter there really is a difference in life with Jesus, she watched as well , and saw what to her had only been on t.v. really does happen in life, every day.

Now the night is over and hopefully my daughter has gotten her fill for a few years, but for me it was a reminder that as Christians we really are aliens on this earth , and the harvest field is really ripe for all the ones we saw tonight need Jesus.


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