Monday, August 13, 2007

A good night

Tonight was our summer board meeting , which went well.

Thought there was a second I held my breath and prayed through , God answered !

Tonight I was able to stir up some excitement ! As I gave the people a vision and a plan to follow through on it and they were excited , because I have included them which is good.

Tonight is just a continuation of the some really good days, my son started hockey school today which is a step towards his Hockey Career.

Yesterday following church and service which has convinced me there are mechanical demons.

We went out for dinner having fresh clams :) and while we were eating a helicopter landed next to the restaurant on the grass and the people came into eat. This was cool to watch i only wish I had my camera.

And Saturday we had a church picnic on a lake which went awesomely - and there were on the lake further down fire works going off for at least 45 min.

So from Saturday till tonight God has really blessed Me .


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