Friday, November 27, 2009

Friday the 27 of Nov.

I am now reading the  Prayer Life by Andrew Murray - I read it back in 1994, then in 2004 and now again.
This  week , I attended another funeral of a family friend in Ingomire N.S. I have not been in that church in perhaps 26 years what a flood of memories, seeing friends from long ago, I traveled there along with a gentleman from our church, which was great!
This funeral lasted an hour and ten minutes ! Wow !! have funerals changed in my ministry, I believe 30 min. is enough , but now  people wanna get up and speak , who can't speak publicly, and now funerals include a power point presentation movie .And readings that are suppose to sound spiritual and comforting yet have no scriptural presadent in what is said to comfort ( in my opinion far to wordy  ) Which I'm not sure they do.
This week our county has had a prayer encounter conference which sadly I only attended one seminar - hence my reading a Murray Book, This will I hope lead to great changes in our county as people pray more.
And finally this week  along with another church person went and served communion to our shut-inns. What a joy this was !
So now its off to advent and preaching from Jer. 33:14-16 which has been so far a challenge to work through in a sermon. But its coming a verse a ta time .


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