Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Nov 11

One day last week I picked up the 1961 used copy of Martin Luther by John Dillenberger for under a Tonnie  and thus my new read, but what I noticed is for a pocket book of 526 pages the  price on the cover is $1.95 ! Oh to have those prices again!

Church life these days is taking us down the carpentry trail as we are installing 7 New Windows in our church thanks to a gift . The  lead  Carpenter is 86 and our helper is 70ish and me 40 something. What a learning experience, these Men are using tools their fathers and grandfathers had, hope my Canadian tire stuff last that long.

Personally I am trying to get back on the healthy food track - for myself and family,  I'm down to only my breakfast coffee  and then green tea the rest of the day plus a green and orange vegetable for supper and healthy eating in between, plus exercising !
I've never been a athletic person so then here is a big challenge but I have a goal to be in some shape so I can join my wife who works out daily at the gym, and not be winded at the 5lb weights lol.

So its November 11 and Remembrance Day , or the day after my brothers 50 birthday.
its off to the remembrance  gathering  lay a wreath and home. for more painting and sermon prep.


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