Tuesday, December 08, 2009

DEC. 8

I am now reading Absolute Surrender by Andrew Murray
last week I picked up his one volume of 12 books for the new year, can't wait.
What a week New winter tires today, yesterday i picked up my cat  from the vet ,he  had surgery, and now my wife is taking off to northern N.B. for a funeral, as I stay behind to look after the farm as they say.
I am ever so excited as I am preaching towards Christmas from the old testament using Lectonary passages to show Christ Beyond the Manger, but I think a week ago the Topic of Christ our righteousness seemed more  interesting to me than the people, but that happens.

Sunday night past we had our annual community Christmas carol sing, which being neutral ground I have invited the two baptist church's were between, which split several years ago , so Today if I were to leave I can say I helped to bring reconciliation which never would of happened. 


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