Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Here it is just about mid Feb.and the winter is going and fishing season is coming up quick, so to help me pass the time I am reading this week ...
Pursuit of the Holy by Corey Russel
and The Last days by Joel C. Rosenberg

While trying to blog more I am looking for events interesting enough to write about, I am keeping my eyes open to life.

so here is an interesting thing that happened two Sundays ago a 'goth' gentleman game into church , i'm 6'oneish and I had to look up to him to talk. He had the black look right down to his fingernails. I have seen him around town for he stands out and asked my son of grade 8 if he knew him, to which he thought his nick name was Jesus. So he sat in the Back pew - while the pew was waiting for its regular occupants who sat in the choir to come down and take their usual place except for mid Nov. till Jan. because of Christmas objections.
So he sat and at times looked as board as my son. I was glad to see people talk to him, and made a effort to befriend him. Later i learned he had been invited to church that Sunday but invited to go to the baptist Church, not ours. He didn't come back this week. But unfortunately we are more inviting to the 50 and older crowd who like hymns.
I wish we could attract more , But I must work with what we have.
And I do appreciate our church and our worship.
We don't have a worship team ( which I don't like anyways, ) and were open to more musicians but we do our best!


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