Saturday, February 23, 2008

Hockey People

This weekend will end our complimentary tickets for the Maritime Mariners in the MJAHL hockey league, its been great to have the tickets, till the previous owner (who gave us the tickets) was forced to sell the team and give up his team that he planned to develop, so goes business some win and some get burned.
Well for the season we have sat by the same people every game.
Which is cool! Seeing how people react week after week. [ kinda like church lol ]
The man on my left never talks the whole game you would never know he was there. ( the kind of guy I like sitting by) then there is the two older ladies to my right who have the two isle seats, which once they park , they don't like to move - even stand so you can get by.
And when they do stand up to let us pass by, they always make their thoughts known as we go by getting to our seats, but it's worse when our kids go back and forth they are nasty in their comments.
When you take the end seat be prepared to move.
It's funny though that between the second and third period my wife and I move quickly because that's when they leave their seats so really for the season we have been held hostage.
Then there's the family that sits in front of us -parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts nice people, sons and daughter in laws. They are polite and make conversation , and even take pic's and put them on face book for us to see.
Then the people behind us who are involved with the team as investors, event coordinators, billets for the team players and great hockey fans.
And there's the seat spotters , who move closer and closer to the game by sitting in un occupied seats, And man can that guy yell, I'm sure he is heard in New Found land at every game, he's loud, rude and knows it all about hockey, when the music plays he sings with it . I know he is enjoying the game in his own unique way, but man it hurts the old ears ( a sign of my turning old:( )
Then there was the guy who I say was a senior that was at the Second hockey game of his life , and in good fun he cheered for the opposing team when they scored. To this he was booed by " loyal fans of Yarmouth"
I liked that Guy he had a great spirit.

So now that our tickets have run out , our family will have to find a new way filling up the weekends , so we can have fun.

But while my season tickets are gone I still have my son's team to watch and cheer for , and just yesterday i learned my daughter is on the school basketball team so it will be off to watch her play.

The joys of kids these days,


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