Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I dream

The words I dream was the beginning statement for a bunch of poems I read today at a local elementary school while waiting for my daughter.
Whatever grade these poems/stories came from were interesting while I can't remember them all I do remember a few.
* I dream off a world with no beer, so people won't drive drunk.
* I dream off a world with no animal cruelty (this was repeated a lot in the posters)
* I dream off ....

I am glad to see the kids have dreams, I think I'll give this as home work for my mid week group.
to see how they fare as mostly seniors.

Well Sunday is past and i am glad for I have been preaching through the sermon on the mount and this week we came to Divorce, so as I am working through this passage in small bits the idea came to me, I'll give some George Barna quotes and show how sadly the church has become victims of this sin, then to keep things moving i read the Wesleyan church position on it from our articles of religion then moved on to the section on oaths.
Where I wanted the people to see the value of their words and that we are constantly under the listening ear of God, hopefully we are working on it.

And Yesterday (Monday) I got my mid week lesson prepared, and decided for March to switch from the sermon on the mount and prepare for another mount - Calvary.
So using a book(used) I picked up a month ago LENTEN-EASTER SOURCE -BOOK from their list of 100 topics and text for lent choose mine for the week, " If Jesus had not come" John 15:22
the challenge comes now to take this title and give it a body. Which I enjoy.


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