Monday, March 27, 2006

My 6:30 wake up call

This morning at 6:30 I was awakened by the sounds of a lone Loon singing on the lake behind our church. What a great sound to hear hopefully it means spring is that musch closer and fishing season as well.

Yesterday I Finished a sermon series that was inspired within me this summer when I read a book by Chip Ingram : God as he wants to be known. So we finished with the Faithfulness of God.
This Sunday was an interesting day for me as I filled in for the adult sunday school class and walked up to the platform past the newest empty pew by thoes who have left the church.
As I look down on the church and thoes who sit on my left that come are usually the ones that leave - while people who come and sit as I look down on the church from the pulpit on my right end up staying. I have no explanation for this but it is I think rather interesting.

Usually we have no sunday evening services but last night we did ! There was a combined service with two other church's for which at one time were all together as a circut together.
And we Got to gether for some good old fasioned tag team preaching....
My topic was the blood and I had some fun preaching on it and we ended with communion and a time of refreshments and fellowship.

Now its Monday and my Lovely Wife wants me to paint our bedroom this week.
Painting is not something I prefer to do but as we have been in the ministrty now for 17 years I have done my share of it and while I don't advertise this fact , to me its better that getting a tooth pulled but not as good as fishing all day without a bite.


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