Friday, March 24, 2006

Memories that can not be replayed....

This week I attended a ministerial breakfast which was and is a great blessing !
And the topic of the morning was depression !
I noticed ( while I listened) that a lot of my fellow pastors are dealing either with a major case of the blues or mild depression aor are about to get depressed.
Hearing their stories reminded me of when I bottomed out in ministry and spent a few days in a hospital room - While I bottomed out emotionally and at the same time had a weird virus attack the lining around my heart so which of the two put me in the hospital for a few days I don't know, but I do know I hit a very low emotional valley.
I was Not "depressed " but very low in spirit or a major dose of the blues.
since then I Have had to fight these 'demons' away.

So how do I keep up in this crazy world or ministry.

1) I work at it.

2) I read continuously motivation quotes. ( its great getting them via email)

3) I go fishing.

4) I think about fishing.

5) I have been looking after my health better . ( I have gone from 230 - 179lbs)

6) I read alot.

7) I realize that apart of this battle is spiritual.

8) I have boundaries now .

9) I listen more carefully to my wife !!!!

10) I go fishing !

11) I watch clean comedy so I can laugh.

12) I go fishing a little more.

13) I meet once a month with two other pastors and go out for breakfast and we laugh, Think, talk, discuss theology and share about life...


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