Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Zone Ministerial

Today began with a great sunrise over the lake as I spent time with the Maker of the Sun . Reading my way through Revelations thus completing the one year reading N.T. plan.
Which I am excitted to be almost 90% completely done to date.

Also Today I attended our zone ministerial with a guest speaker
Dr. Wilson who was inspiring as always and a great guy.

From this morning of total enjoyment I rushed home and finished putting up my christmas lights , and back to town for my wife after work and home again to only be off to our church christmas supper which I think just about all were happy with their meals.
To making a visit and bringing home a bag of lobster for our enjoyment tommorow.

So now I am on a fast so I can get my blood work done in the morning I have put this off to long and I know the Dr. won't be happy when I see her soon.
The hardest part of this fast is going to be no morning coffee !

Fasting isn't natural to me at all, and I wonder who finds it easy.
But as we are celebrating advent I wonder If there is anything I could go without to celebrate in a season that emphasies getting.


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