Monday, December 18, 2006

picking a new bible reading plan

here I sit looking on line for printable bible reading plans for the year.

I'm glad to see there is such a variety out there,

so I will print some off and have them available for people in church sunday.

One of the best sites is that offers a good variety.

I am siting here tonight with two countdowns taking place in our home. One for Christmas and the other for going to Florida for the gathering conferance !

Thinking about countdowns I watched people count down my sermon yesterday which wasn't fun, My topic was getting the wonder of the season reawakened in our lives again. Cool title and idea I thought.

Now one has called to tell me today it happened to them but it has for me !

Last night 25 of our church people went caroling ( me included) and concluding the event we had a Pizza Party planned at a local Pizza Shop, and he provided all the pizza to us and hot choclate for free.

The wonder of good cheer was given to me .

Then Today I watched a male phesant go throug our yard doing his ever so cool strut.

The wonder of Gods creation was given to me.

And we had no wind today which is rare here , and I watched 'my' lake stay perfectly calm all day with the ripple of a fish .

The wonder of this place was given to me.

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Atlantic Guy said...

Great to read your blog, Dale