Monday, December 11, 2006

The Weekend is Gone ....

Here I am on a Monday Night and Glad to be here.

Our Church had its annual Sunday School concert which went over well , we had a lot of non- church people with us wihich is a plus .

The kids did well as well as the teachers, the only thing that was lacking was our offering , it was suggested we not pass the plate but just leave it by the door so people could put their money in.
Not the best Idea at least for me. My theory is if you come to church know you will be asked for money politely. So lets hope people make up for this day next sunday.

So why did I let it happen , well it was presented to me as I was on the platform before the beginning of the service. So with no time to say " thus says the DS. or the Discipline or get a consenious or..." that second before the start of the service my mind is on things other than offending people with an offering.

But as I have been arouind I know this is a hot beded issue with some that with guest we don't take an offering. Truly there next pay isn't dependednt on what goes in the plate....
Enough ranting on that I guess !!

Then It was off to watch my son play an excitting hockey Game which he had a goal in and helped his team win.

Yes you read it right I went to a game on Sunday ... I did it because one of the core values I have in life is commitment . So he's on the team so he goes to practices and plays ! He's committed ( well I am , because from the pulpit I know what it is to have a team of un committed players.) So I get him there, in fact I lose sleep over un commited people they just bug me.

BUt sunday wasn't the only part o fthe weekend we went to see the nativity on saturday . I had had been given 25 free tickets to hand out in church so of we went to the movies. It was my first time in our new theater it was impreesive. One man in my church hadn't been ini a theater since 1946 and did he ever see a lot of changes.

After the movie my family went to the Yarmouth Branch of the Nova Scotia Musem to see the orginal drawings by Dr. Seuss of his book How the Grinch Stole Christmas. It was the draft that the book was printed from in Dr. Seuss's own hand work frame by frame.
It was cool to see how he detailed every little thing what a mind he had.
This is the first showing of this in North America!

My wife told me today that we are less now than a month to going to the Gathering in Florida,
I have never been there before , nor have I been on a plane so this will be an adventure.


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