Thursday, August 24, 2006

Vacation time is over !!

Well I arrived home today after a week away in NOAA for vacation.
What a great week it was!
We spent the time between my parents and beulah camp!
My Parents even kept the kids a couple of nights so we had some kid free nights.
So what did I do on vacation?
I went for my very first go-cart ride against my son and lost.
But it was a life time dream come true to ride one of those go-carts. Although early I had our car over 140 km to pass a car so these seemed slow.

I also did some used book shopping at frencys and got three great deals.

And a couple of visits to a tackle shop.

And I stocked up on some coffee beans to grind and enjoy.

Plus I did a lot of reading.

Thought I might get some over due journaling in but it didn't happen.

I picked up a book I read a beulah camp in a book store called the Heavenly man. which was a real life changing book.

I also took in via the T.V. 3 bluejays games with my dad that was cool.

And today we traveled home via the mall route getting ready for the expensive start of school.

While waiting for my family I sat on a bench and listened to the 80 + crowd discuss life. Which was really interesting especially when Religion came up.

While these men were not religious (church -goers) they had church figured out -
and I was sad to hear their comments about those who go to church because they didn't see any difference in them at all - they were not doing anything more or less than they were with out going to church.

Maybe what that area needs are some Wesleyans to go in there and set up church and show them what real Christians are or its time that we really start no matter what church we attend to start being like Jesus - instead of re-inventing the gospel if
we could live the one Jesus gave us - people would be changed !
Hey it worked in the book of Acts it can work again!


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