Sunday, August 27, 2006

The first Sunday back after vacation

What a great Day. Now that its almost over.

Saturday I was excited to learn that the song service would be lead by someone else on Sunday which meant a little less pressure so I thought.
I knew the reason buddy was going to lead the service was because our piano player was under the weather.

so Saturday night comes everything is ready to go in the morning till 10:15 pm when I learn that buddy was in the Hospital with a heart attack. So I went immediately in town to see him.

I knew that by 12:00 midnight I couldn't call in anybody so I left it with the Lord.
knowing that in 8 years here if we had one Sunday with no music it would be good.

So now its 9:00 Sunday and I need to call the lady who normally plays and let her in on what happened to buddy.

So I wasn't sure how under the weather she was - but I knew she couldn't be any worse than him.

So I said right off the bat I didn't want her to feel guilty but buddy was in the hospital.

And she said without a word from me that she would play the music for me !!

Yeah... But my music is always ready by Saturday and put on the pulpit and piano and sound board. But not today.

Well I got the songs picked and We had church !

And I preached on the Highway of Holiness !

And God Blessed us with a great service.


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