Friday, August 15, 2008

I've gotta get some of this....

Prophetic Awareness Soap

is a great way to start your day and bring you the confidence you need
to stand before those whom you need to face. Walk in the confidence
that has been given to you by God Almighty as you bathe with this soap,
know that you are becoming more aware and spiritually guarded, so that
you can meet life's challenges. This is a soap that helps bring
protection and give you a greater ability to function with greater
intuition and insight. Remember, according to your faith, so be it done
unto you.

Saponified Oils of Palm, Coconut, Olive, Lemongrass Essential Oil and Rosemary Extract.

check it out at

Maybe I should be handing this kinda stuff out instead of God's word.
( Still preaching through the sermon on the mount)

Maybe we should fill up little baskets and give out new people and those that leave, and put one beside each Hymn book.

The ways to minister with this soap are almost endless.

But back to the real world - or my world , today I am going to buy a second vehicle for our family (or me) its a truck, its not that we want a second vehicle its as need , in our home these days it seems we are all heading in different directions...

Yesterday I visited with a group of ministers that meet monthly to discuss the word, through devotional and book snip its. It was really enjoyable, and personally needed, its great to fellowship with like minded people.As pastors, once the Sunday service is over and we lock the doors it can be lonely by times,and that was followed by a coffee with another great pastor friend.

well its off for todays adventures...


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