Monday, August 04, 2008

Aug 4 wow !

It's a Foggy Monday, and we are waiting to see when we can return to our campsite since we were rained out over night.
It was to be a cool evening and day as our son invited his friend to join us (since his sister is at camp for the week) over night. So he picked his friend from Egypt, whom has never camped out in his life, he tells me theres no where to camp in Egypt ??
So now in the quiet of this morning were waiting to head out again and have a fun day.
So how does a kid from Egypt end up in Yarmouth his Dad's a Doctor.
I like this kid he refers to me as Mr. Robertson and is complete with manners, compared to my boy who looks like that Bart kid ( well not that bad) but you get the idea.

I had my daughter with me shopping to go camping which seems endless, and tried to get her excited about the back to school stuff out now, to which she though was weird on my part and stupid on the stores part. But its a sign life goes on and school is on the horizon.

Having maybe too much time to think , I look at my kids, church and life and wonder what's on my horizon as well, I'm glad that the bible displays for me to see That God is in control , I Just need to trust Him, more and more...


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