Saturday, July 28, 2007

Saturday Night

Here on the cost of Nova Scotia its been very muggy and warm (hot)
And fog has moved into tonight to cool us down a bit.

I sit here in my office doing last minute things like printing out church envelopes, putting up posters and reviewing my sermon.

My sermon is a part of a series on the 10 commandments and tomorrows is thou shalt not steal.
Easy topic, but I go to the pulpit with heavy hesitation, because my song leader for tomorrow in recent years has dealt with this very issue, the severity of it was that this person was relocated within their organization of work for the continuing of their career.
So I take this sermon knowing he's been there and while I never have tended to ca tor my sermons to the whims of people , I am going forward knowing that tomorrow more than usual I will need God's power of anointing.
Again I have really battled to do this sermon and follow through with the series but I'm committed.
And the more I think of it after my speeding ticket of many years ago, they didn't take down all the highway signs saying the speed so I wouldn't be offended, the signs stayed and I changed.
So God's commands stand and we must change.

An other thing I like doing Saturday night is listening to great preachers. Tonight's pick Is Lee Roberson. (WHY) At Beulah I read a book by him and he was very impressive to me.

Saturday night is also a good night to clear the desk, put stuff in my in basket, re stack books and clear off my main desk.

Collect together all the articles I have printed off in the week and file them.

And if possible get some fishing in. ( not tonight)

I said to my wife earlier tonight that this has been a good week of ministry and I feel that things were done this week.
Not as much fishing as I would like :( next week is coming .


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