Friday, April 07, 2006

Interesting comments

I am not sure if the three people that shared with me and my wife this week got together and planed it, but from 3 people this week we have herd this comment.
That if they wanted band music and a dance atmosphere they would go Saturday night to a dance BECAUSE they don't expect it in church.
Its interesting to me that 3 people said that they are coming to church expecting it to be different than the world and yet in the church we have adopted our worship music to that style of a dance music (loud and fast) NOW I LIKE FAST MUSIC AND TO QUOTE THAT GREAT CHRISTIAN ROCKER " why should the devil have all the good music"
Could (and I am just thinking here ) that our approach has been wrong that why we see a lot of people church hopping along to bigger and better ...
We are not seeing mr.unchurched come into church like we should because we are not ( and I am just thinking) offering anything different than they get Saturday night at a dance.

Well with that off my chest I have been getting ready for Sunday today , while watching two very board kids who had no school today...
Easter is a great time preaching wise you know what to plan for:)
But I have been thinking ahead to the last of the month and have come up with a two part sermon on God's word under attack ...
I wonder how many of our people could be easily deceived into believing that the bible is inaccurate.
So as I am thinking about what has been in the press and media latelty we need to remind people of the accuracy of the scriptures.
And maybe if the weather warms up get my boat in the water and catch me some bass.

and this week I am reading CHARISMATIC CHAOS by John MacArthur
which is so far great reading.


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