Tuesday, March 23, 2010

march 23

The Believer's Daily Remembrance-
Pastor James Smith (1802-1862): “Where is your faith?” - Luke 8:25
(March 23: MORNING)

The disciples were in a storm, surrounded by danger, and filled with
fear; they apply to Jesus. This was right. They doubt His care, question
His love, and cry, “We perish.” This was wrong. Jesus demands, “Where
is your faith?” May He not put the same question to us? We have His
Word, but do we heartily believe it? We speak of His love, but do we
confidently trust it? We read of His care, but do we see our safety in
it? We often seem to believe anyone sooner than Jesus; to trust any word
more than His Word; and therefore we are cast down, fearful and
distressed. Let us this day endeavour to fix our faith steadily upon His
precious Word. Let us believe in His particular providence. Let us
commune with Him as our firm and faithful Friend. He says, “Let not your
heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in Me.” He is worthy
of credit. He cannot deceive. He deserves our confidence. He will not
neglect. He encourages our hope, and promises, “If ye shall ask any
thing in My Name, I will do it.” Do you believe this? Do you believe it
when you pray? If not, “Where is your faith?”

O, how wavering is my mind,
Tossed about with every wind;
O, how quickly doth my heart
From the living God depart;
O my God, Thy grace impart,
To fix and bind my wandering heart.

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