Thursday, October 01, 2009

update on visitors

Wednesday came and again our two men were with us.
But this time I asked them were they Mormon or JW to which they said no,
but to get info from them wasn't easy so I asked about their home meetings, their structure, to which they repied they have a hymn, share and pray under the leadership of a elder. So for Sundays they do the same as a house bible study, their answers made me more curious , especially since they made eye contact with each other before the younger of the two talked. Their motto is out by two' as in acts, and they grow by gospel meetings, Yet they told me that they only follow the bible, no particular doctrine or creed just the bible.
Their simple poster says Come learn the life, death and resurrection of Jesus in a home bible study.
They told me they had no literature to give me, so I could read about them, and checking their poster it gives no web address a phone number but so secretive.
And they may come back again one said.
Their presence made many uncomfortable, why they have picked us I don't know, but they have come.
Another chapter to the story of my life perhaps.
they kinda of remind of that movie Men in Black ....


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