Monday, June 16, 2008

Life Update

It seems no matter how I really want to keep my blog updated, it never gets done.
But here is what I have been doing in the last few days.
I have been busy attending the Greater Yarmouth Prayer Encounter
with Rev. Gerhard duToit.
It's been great to listening to a man whom truly walks with God so Humbly and as He talks to us about prayer and the bible he radiates the presence of God.
It's truly a blessing when I think we can meet such a person this side of heaven.

But this is not my only blessing, this past Sunday morning (Fathers Day) I had the morning off as my vice chairwoman and my Wife took the service.
And they did a great Job ! To which I am very grateful for them doing it.

Then we went out for a seafood plater for lunch, was it Good.

Another blessing this week occurred when a Retired Minister I greatly respect lent me a book on the life of a Baptist Preacher named Harry Hutchinson born back in 1890 the book is called One Moore Mile that's done by a local author, It is worth getting .

Romans 8:1

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