Sunday, November 18, 2007

a week of interestingg events.

November is here and with it comes the beginning of Lobster Season on the last Monday of the month, so there is an sense of intense nervousness in the air while men prepare going to sea, especially with what could be a season of low lobster prices due to the Canadian dollar , any ways tonight we had our community lobster service for the men , or more like for the church people who came from our church and the Baptist church. It was my turn to speak and so I felt lead to speak on integrity .

But this isn't the only event of the week, our new church photo copier (xerox) came for the church, man is it ever cool what it can do, compared to the one we had here for 20 years.

While this event ( new copier arriving) almost topped my week For the number one thrilling event of the week . Ok, I have more happening in life than a xerox arriving , but if you had our old copier you would agree, it was good to get a new copier.

It had to give way to the fact that my daughters elementary school (less than a mile away) had a Bomb threat and had to be evacuated and since our church is the alternate spot for emergencies , I had to be ready for that what ever it would include. (thankfully we were not needed)
Thankfully there was no bomb - thanks to the R.C.M.P. bomb sniffing dogs who came secured the grounds.
Thankfully no one was hurt and it was an early dismissal for all the kids.
Who says rural ministry can't have its excitement !!

This week saw my sons first Goal, of the season and what is paving his way to the NHL.


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