Monday, March 12, 2007

time for reruns

Here it is March and the reruns have begun on csi and law and order .

Its o.K. But American Idol seems to rule over watching reruns on the big t.v. these days.

And thats one show I personally never want to see in rerun form.

But Not all reruns are bad, Like the Greatest story ever told of the Cross and the Resurection, I have allready taken two sundays to Get our church thinking on what the cross means to us.

And my biggest hope is that they get it.

Off Late I have been carrying again the weight of is it time to move? Our church in the last year has declined and any new people , come and move on to other Church's :[

And I question would my moving bring people to church "thinking a new broom sweeps clean" or is it the fate of the small rural church living in the shadows of the bigger church.

These are my burning questions of the day, I have shared them with a few and the answere always rest on me.

And I repeatedly ask myself can I be comfortable here and bUrry the seniors and watch my workers soon age past their 60's and stop helping in the church!

All this is going through my head knowing that the offical "wesleyan time to resign is soon over "

And Only rebells resign after this time.

I also know that this church would have no problem in replacing me,as I hear there are lots of available ministers.

I also know There are not any available church's within my district.

So then I would have to move, and where ?

I do not want to go to the states !

With no connections its hard to know what to do.

But I am here and so to these people I will minister to the best of my ability .


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