Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Wednesday means Bible Study Night

Tonight's meeting had a bit of excitement with it because we had somebody new with us.
This lady took part and read her bible which was a little different.
then after the meeting she proudly told me she attended the Church of Scientology.
But she isn't the first to be in a service we had a married couple in with us this summer who as well told me they attended the church of Scientology..
I with both sets of people never pursued them , they just came to church and liked it.
Now I am not sure how that should make me feel.
* Hopefully we are so loving that all feel welcomed.
* Hopefully our people are so like able they create a warm and comfortable place to come to.
* But what are they Hearing in the message and songs ?
* Do they view the Wesleyan church as a potential mission field ?
* And what do I Know about them ?
* I have my assumptions but are they right ?
* Could God be working in their lives and we for the hour are a part of God's plan ?
* or Should everyone wear a label that identifies the church they attend so if they come into my church I can tell by their label if they are or are not one of us then preach right to them against them if they are not a Wesleyan ?
* Should we have guards at the door so we can protect ourselves.
* Maybe the best answer is too , just not make a big deal about it,
and be more convinced that I am right and they are wrong.
So many questions ??

Here is what I do know
Tonight will conclude my three day "lose 10 lbs quick fix diet" that is put out by some group.
I know I am not good for the 10 but I hope at least 8 lbs . Because I have given in to my dark side of snacking upon cookies the odd time in the last three days.... and I even had the odd " Social Tea " cookie .

Well I must Go and fight over the t.v.Tonight its either gonna be " dancing with the stars " or Glenn Beck followed by csi reruns.


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